PC Troubleshooting

There is no charge to discuss issues with your computer. If you accept my service, there is a $20 bench fee which either 1) Put towards the final cost of service, or 2) Refunded if I am unable to resolve your problem.

Website Publishing

Websites vary greatly on price based on functions and purpose needed. I'll do a comprehensive evaluation to determine the best package for you.

Data Backup

Keeping your data backed up is important to me. I dread having to tell my clients that their PC files and pictures are not recoverable. We offer reliable, automatic backups of whatever data you choose.


WiFi network slowing you down? I can audit your wireless network and recommend equipment and best practices to improve your connection and streaming ability.

Clean & Optimize

If your computer is running sluggish I can improve load times and remove unnecessary programs and services that are slowing you down. For desktop computers this includes cleaning out any dust buildup inside your case.

Social Media Pressence

If you're looking to take your business or personal interests to social media, I can assist you with broadening your audience to Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and other services.