About Us


My Vision

From the beginning, my focus has been helping others solve their technological problems affordably and with integrity.

My Story

It all started around 1994 with my first computer. A 486/33 that a built myself as I earned money to purchased used, expensive computer parts. Using trial and error to get all the components connected and MS-DOS installed.

From there it was about trying to upgrade as technology skyrocketed. Moving from DOS to a graphical operating system like Windows, using a dial up connection to play online games, and eventually publishing my first website to the world.

Still to this date I get satisfaction by helping others build their first gaming PC, putting their business online, or solving a nagging issue with their computer. And with the growing threats to always-connected internet users, education has been an important facet of what I strive to offer.

Meet the Man

ACE PC Services is a sole proprietorship. Dan is the founder, owner, and operator. When you need help, it's just me!



Owner / Operator

I don't have many photos of myself!